Introduction to Physics I

Physics 001, Fall 2019

Initial version: April 11th, 2019
Instructional Team
Course Materials

In recent years, both Giancoli and Knight have been used. The textbook for 2019 is under consideration.


2019-2020 Academic Calendar

This is the exam schedule (midterm schedule subject to amendation):

Student Disability Services

Accommodations that take into account the context of the course and its essential elements for individuals with qualifying disabilities are extended through the office of Student Disability Services (SDS). Information regarding the services available may be found on the SDS Office Website.

STEM Center Tutoring

Saint Mary’s has a center for students taking STEM classes in Assumption Hall, Room 200. The STEM Center provides several services, including free tutoring in math, chemistry, physics, and biology. Please be very respectful of the Assumption Hall residents.