Physics 1: Intro to Physics I

Professor Jessica Kintner

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Jessica Kintner's Information:

  • Office: Gal 106-B
  • Office hours: TBD, and by appointment
  • email:

Course Information

Syllabus and Schedule to come.

Textbook and Mastering Physics (MP)

These two things can be purchased together through MasteringPhysics (MP), so please read all of this section before you buy.
  • Textbook (strongly recommended)
    Homework problems in MP come directly from this text. All text references (section numbers given in the Calendar/Schedule) will be to this book.
    • Essential University Physics by Wolfson, 4th ed.
    • You only need Vol 1 for the first semester. We will use Vol 2 in the second semester.
  • Mastering Physics (Required):
    Mastering Physics (MP) is the online homework system we will use extensively in this course. Your homework grade will be almost all from scores in MP. Shown below are links, course code, and instructions to register.
There are several ways to get these materials:
  • Buy from Mastering Physics (Pearson) directly:
    The easiest way is to go directly to the Mastering Physics website and buy everything from them. Start with MP (directions above), and from within MP you can then also purchase a book (ebook or hardcopy).
  • Through the SMC Bookstore:
    If you need to (or want to) go through the bookstore, they sell a bundled version of MP with the ebook version of the textbook.
  • Buy MP (from them) and go your own way for the textbook:
    Since the textbook is not officially required, you could skip it. I don't recommend this, but it's possible. There are lots of other texts and resources online. You would have to do a bit more work finding them. You can also buy used versions of the textbook or rent a copy. There are tons of options for this. You still have to buy the MP for the onling homework. But you can buy them completely separately if you wish.

Recent announcements:

Exam Information

Exam 1

  • Date: Friday, Sept 17, 11:45am-12:50pm
  • Covers sections: Ch 2: all (1-6), Ch 3: 1-2, 4-6 (skip 3).
  • Cover pages for Exam 1 given in class 9/13

Exam 2

  • Date: Friday, Oct 15, 11:45am-12:50pm
  • Covers sections: Ch 4-8 or wherever we end on 10/8
  • More to come as we get closer


All the chapters and problems are taken from the text (by Wolfson.) Most problems/exercises in Assignments are in MP.

Date Text Topic Assignment Due (11:45a)
11/19 15.4-5 Bernoulli's principle MP30 MP27-28
11/18 14-15 Practice problems
11/17 15.1-3 Pressure, buoyancy MP29
11/15 9-13
IC08: exam3 solutions and standing waves
11/12 9-13 Exam 3 MP25-26
11/11 14.
11/10 14.1-4 Waves MP27
11/8 9-13 IC07: review problems
Finish IC07
11/5 13.4-5 Energy in SHO MP26 MP22-24
11/4 10-13.3 practice and applications
11/3 11.4
the gyroscope
Simple harmonic motion
11/1 11.1-4 cross product
Torque as cross product
Angular momentum
Conservation of ang mom
10/29 Ch 10-11 Cons of ang mom MP23 MP19-21
10/28 11.1-2 more torque
10/27 10.3-end moment of inertia and energy MP22
10/25 10.1-3 rotational kinematics and torque MP21
10/15 Ch 4-8 Exam 2 MP17-18
10/14 9.5-6 Collisions
10/13 9.1-4 CM and momentum MP19
10/11 Ch 4-8 IC04 practice probs work on IC03 and IC04 as review
10/8 Ch 8 MP18
make your own equation sheet
10/7 Ch 8
10/6 8.1-3 Universal Gravitation MP17
10/4 6.5
Energy Diagrams
10/1 7 Conservation of Energy MP15 MP11-12
9/30 6-7 more work energy
9/29 6-7 Potential Energy MP14
9/27 Ch 6 Work Energy MP13
9/24 Ch 6 Work-Energy MP12
9/23 4-5 all More Newton's Laws
9/22 4.6, 5.1-4 Third law, multiple objects, friction MP11
9/20 Ch 2
Ch 3
We put exam solutions on board by groups Rework past MP assignments as needed for practice. Concentrate on vectors.
9/17 Ch 2-3 Exam 1 MP07, MP08 (this material is on the exam!)
9/16 4.1-5 More Newton's Laws MP10
9/15 4.1-5 Force and Newton's Laws MP09
9/13 Ch 2
Ch 3
Cover pages for Exam 1 given in class 9/13
9/10 3.6 Circular Motion MP08 MP02-06
9/9 3.4-5 More 2D motion MP07
9/8 3.1-2, 4-5 Vectors and 2D motion MP06
9/6 No Class Labor Day  
9/3 3.1 Vectors MP05
9/2 2.3-6 acceleration MP04
9/1 2.1-2 1D Motion MP03 Been in MP
8/31 1.2-3 Intro to each other
Intro to course
Units/Powers of 10
Read the Syllabus
Send me a face pic
Log in to MP
Skim Ch 1
MP01 (practice, no credit)
MP02: Ch 1: 37, 12, 26, 30, 31