Physics 3: Introduction to Physics II

Professor Jessica Kintner

This is the course web page for Physics 3, Spring 2019

Jessica Kintner's Information:

  • Office: Gal 106-B
  • Office hours: TBD, and by appointment
  • email:

Class Information

Recent announcements:

  • We will continue to use Vol II of the same textbook from last semester. Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Randall Knight. 4th ed. Vol 2.

STEM Center Physics Tutor Hours:

  • Mondays 2-­5 and 6­-9 PM
  • Tuesdays 5­-9 PM
  • Wednesdays 4­-6 and 7-­9 PM
  • Thursdays 5­-9 PM
  • Sundays 6-­9 PM


All problems are from Knight unless stated otherwise. Problems in regular type are the same ones that will appear in MP. Problems in bold type are ones that will NOT appear in MP, and you will turn them in to me.

Introduction to course
Read the syllabus
Do the "Introduction to MasteringPhysics" assignment in MP
email me and tell me if you have a smart phone or tablet or laptop you can bring to class every day. If enough people have them, I can use them instead of clickers.
Electric charge
Coulomb's Law
Read 22.1-3 as needed
Read 2.1.4 (covered in class)
Do (in MP) problems 22.13, 15, 17, 18, 22.
Vector review
Intro to E field
More Coulomb's Law
Tutorial worksheet, be sure you can do problems 1-5.
Section 22.5
Read 22.4 as needed