Introduction to Physics II

Physics 003. Spring 2020. Physics and Astronomy Department. Saint Mary's College of California

Physics 3 is the second course in a two-course sequence intended for students in physics, chemistry, mathematics, and the 3+2 engineering program. Topics include electricity, magnetism, circuits and optics. Prerequisites: Physics 1,2 Math 27, 38 (concurrent is fine). Corequisites: Physics 004

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Date Text Topic Handouts, links, notes
2.10M 21.2 21.3 COULOMB'S LAW. electric charge quantization and conservation in-class problems, assignment
2.11 Tu 21.1 Coulomb's law in-class problems, assignment
2.12 W 21.1 Coulomb's law, 2D cases in-class problems, assignment
2.13 Th 21.1 insulators, conductors, induced charge in-class problems, assignment
2.17 M 22.1 22.2 ELECTRIC FIELD. definition, field lines, E from a point charge. Field simulations: PhET, Falstad in-class problems, assignment
2.18 Tu 22.2 22.3 E from point charges, electric dipole in-class problems, assignment
2.19 W 22.4 E from a line of charge. Animation for a straight line, ring in-class problems, assignment
2.20 Th 22.4 22.5 E from line of charge (arc), charged disk in-class problems, assignment. Expert TA PS due
2.24 M 22.6 22.7 Point charges and dipoles in E in-class problems, assignment
2.25 Tu 22 recap E fields in-class problems, assignment
2.26 W 23.1 GAUSS'S LAW. Electric flux in-class problems, assignment
2.27 Th 23.2 Gauss's law in-class problems, assignment. Expert TA PS due
3.02 M 23.4-23.6 Gauss's law and symmetric distributions in-class problems, assignment
3.03 Tu 23.3-23.6 Gauss's law and symmetric distributions, conductors in-class problems, assignment
3.04 W 24.1 24.2 ELECTRIC POTENTIAL. U, V, equipotential surfaces Lab is review.
3.05 Th potential difference, uniform E Lab is review. Expert TA PS due
3.09 M no class
3.10 Tu EXAM 1. Coulomb force, electric field, Gauss's law. 11:30am-1:00pm review sheet
3.11 W 24.3 24.4 V from point charges, dipoles, multiple point charges
3.12 Th 24.5 V from continuous distributions, revisit Gauss's law
3.19 Th 26.5 26.6 capacitance and capacitors, energy, electrical energy density, video lecture: capacitors
3.20 F 26.5 26.6 Capacitors in series and in paralle, dielectrics, spherical and cylindrical. video lecture: capacitors day 2 WITH SOUND!