General Physics 1 Laboratory

Physics 010L, Fall 2019

Last Updated: Sep. 3rd, 2019

Your Physics 10L grade feeds in to your overall Physics 10 grade, and is 10% of the overall total. Missing three or more labs will result in failing both the course and the lab. Please refer to Prof. Kintner's Physics 10 Syllabus ( for further details.

Lab Grading Rubric

The lab grade that feeds into your Physics 10 grade will be based on the prelab assignment (20%), participation (20%) and lab report (60%). Each lab report will be evaluated using a grading rubric (that may be different for different labs). Typically, each of the six rubric items will be worth 10%.


The individual labs will parallel the development of the Physics 10 lecture. Please see Prof. Kintner's Physics 10 Syllabus ( which contains the tentative schedule for each week's lectures and labs.