Starting the week of March 16, we did not conform to the planned Syllabus due to the shelter-in-place disruption.

The following three labs were created and performed at home:

Some photos of the Sundial lab:

Sundial and Watch between 2:30 and 3:00 East-West Determination

Natalie Aliotti's Sundial, including East-West Alignment


Hand-Drawn and Folded Paper Sundial

Michael Benito's Sundial, nice improvisation for lacking a printer


Hand-Drawn and Folded Paper Sundial

Joe Cassin's Sundial, watch showing 10:47 PDT, sundial showing about 9:47 PST


Sundial on Patio

Daniel Huston's Sundial, reading 2:30pm (add one hour 8 minutes to get PDT)