St. Mary's Home Phys 105
Spring 2017


Mari-Anne Rosario
Galileo 108A
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Grades: gaellearn

Analytical Mechanics

This course covers the principles of particle dynamics. Topics include rigid body dynamics, Lagrange's equations, Hamilton's principle, wave propagation, and normal modes of vibration in oscillating systems. Prerequisites: Physics 1-4 and Math 39.


Problems are mostly from the text (Thornton Marion). 2.9 means chapter 2, problem 9.
ep means extra problems.

Date Text Topic Problems
2/14 2.1-2.4 NEWTONIAN MECHANICS: Newton's laws, frames of reference, single particle equation of motion
2/16 2.4 effects of retarding forces friction, terminal velocity
2/21 2.4 2d motion: projectile motion
projectile simulation
due Tue: ep1 ep2 ep3 2.6
2/23 2.4 2.2 2.5 motion of a charged particle, Newton's 3rd law, momentum conservation
animation van Allen belts rocket propulsion
due Fri: ep4 2.3 2.9 2.11 2.15

extra credit talks
Dr Hill: Launching a variable-star observing program at The Geissberger Observatory
Dr Fonseca: Electron and photon impact induced processes in molecules
Wed 1:30-2:30 Galileo 202

Fri 1:30-2:30 Galileo 110
2/28 2.5 Energy conservation due Tue: ep5 ep6 ep7 ep8
Wed: talk on APS Bridge Program, 1:30 Gal 110
3/2 2.6 Energy due Fri: 2.22ab 2.41 2.47 2.53ab (CHANGED from 2.53bc)
3/07 3.1-3.3 OSCILLATIONS: Hooke's law, simple harmonic oscillations, oscillations in 2D due Tue: 2.52abde ep9 ep10 ep11
03/09 3.5 Damped oscillations, Applet due Fri: 2.52c 5.15 3.1 3.2
3/14 3.6 Sinusoidal driving forces. video applet, resonance example Due Tue: 3.13 3.11 D.6 3.15
03/09 3.8 Fourier series. Applet due Fri: 3.44 3.24 ep12 ep13
3/21 3.8, review finish Fourier series, Review for Exam 1 (problems) due Tue: extra credit ep14 ep15
03/23 EXAM 1: Newtonian mechanics, Oscillations. Review sheet and problems. Grades and solutions
OFFICE HOURS Wed 11:30-1 Th 10-11:30
due Fri: extra credit 3.28 3.30
3/28 6.1-6.3 CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS. Mon: Caminas a las sciences talk
due Tue: ep16 ep17 ep18
03/30 6.3 6.4 problems on calculus of variations, fourier series. cycloid due Fri: ex6.4 6.15
04/04 7.1 7.2 7.6 HAMILTON'S PRINCIPLE. Lagrange's equations of motion due Tue: ep19 ep20
04/06 7.3 7.4 generalized coordinates, problems on Lagrangian dynamics due Fri: ep21 7.5 7.14
04/18 7.4 Lagrangian dynamics, more problems. the double pendulum video and simulation
04/20 7.7, review
essence of Lagrangian method; Exam 2 Review sheet and problems
Thu: SOS Career Panel (ec)
04/25 EXAM 2: Fourier series, calculus of variations, Lagrangian equations of motion
Review grades solutions
OFFICE HOURS Fri 1-2:15 M 11:45-1
Wed: Brousseau lecture (ec), info
04/27 PROJECT: Euler's method
sample .m file for a first order d.e.
due Fri: ep22
05/02 Euler's method for 2nd order d.e. Revisit Exam 2 (solutions)
.m file for pendulum example
due Tue: ep23
05/04 class cancelled due Fri: ep24 ep25
05/09 7.9 back to HAMILTON's PRINCIPLE: conservation theorems revisited. short lecture on Noether's theorem, Noether's paper translated, notes on symmetry due Tue: ep26 ep27
05/11 7.10 Hamiltonian dynamics
05/16 problems on Hamiltonian dynamics
due Wed: 7.22 7.25 7.29
info sheet, example files: 1st order, pendulum
due Fri 11:59pm: Project report
need an extension? email me by Friday noon and I'll give you one with a hard deadline.
Review sheet