Physics 105: Analytical Mechanics

Professor Jessica Kintner

This is the course web page for Physics 105, Spring 2020

Jessica Kintner's Information:

  • Office: Gal 106-B
  • Cell phone: (925)408-4419
  • Office hours: Now by appointment.
    Please feel free to text or email me to schedule a zoom appointment.
  • email:

Class Information

Exam Information

Zoom Information

Final Project Info

  • This is optional this year, for extra credit. Presentations will be in class May 12. (If we have more than that, they may spill over to May 14.)
  • Description
  • google sheet of topics I just added order of presentation to this sheet.
  • Class discussion, 4/30, we agreed that the optional final project would be worth about three regular HW problems. (Past HW problems have ranged from 10-30 points, avg about 25pts/each.) It should work out to something like:
    • the algebra is about one HW prob
    • the coding is about one HW prob
    • the presentation part is about one HW prob

Recent announcements:

  • (4/30) We had a class discussion about HW and final project and grading.
    • For homework, two more graded HW sets
      • due May 7: Ch 7: 4 and 10
      • due May 14: Ch 7: one to be assigned next week, plus one optional one.
        If you are doing a project, the optional one can be the same algebra as your final project. If you are not, I will give an optional problem from Ch 7 to work on.
    • For the final project, I added info to that section.
  • (4/24) I posted my solutions to the Lagrangian worksheet. They are added to calendar same day as problems were assigned (4/21), and they are here
  • (4/24) I posted the slightly edited equation sheet for Exam 2. (Added the Euler-Lagrange Eq with $x$'s and some parentheses to match how I was writing it.)
  • Posted solutions to last HW set: 3-28 and 11 from worksheet on 3/19. Graded them and sent them back to you.
  • (4/14) In class, we agreed to postpone Exam 2 until Tuesday, 4/28.
  • (3/24) The College has privacy concerns about youtube, so I put today's recording in our shared google drive folder. (It actually didn't take too long.) I made a new subfolder called zoomRecordings.
  • (3/19) Posting the recordings to youtube is far and away the fastest thing I've found. I made them "unlisted" so that you can only find them with the link. Let me know if you'd like that changed. (Links will be in calendar with day recorded below.)
  • (3/15) As you know, the College has suspended all in person class meetings at least through Easter Break. I've added links to class meetings and office hours above.
  • Welcome to the course!
  • The textbook is chosen! (See Class Info)


Due to me (by 9:45am)
Ch 2-3, 5-7, App C, App F
Final Exam , 8-10am
Ch 2-3, 5-7, App C, App F
Ch 7: 24 and one optional problem. The optional problem should be either 7-26 or the algebra for your project.
Student presentations
T, cons laws revisited, canonical eqs.
video still loading to google drive
notes from class. I found the error I made with sums. Corrected with red * at left side of page.
Ch 7: 22, 24, 26
Ch 7: 4, 10
my solutions
gen coords, equiv to Newton's Law
video uploading to google drive (2nd try)
Ch 7: 9, 12, 18
Discussion, see announcements
Ch 7: 4, 10
3.8, 6.1-3,5, 7.1-2
Exam 2
6.5, 7.1-3
Euler Eq with more than one dep var
The Lagrangian!
zoom video of class
notes to go with video
first Lagrangian Problems. Pleast try these, and I'm happy to work on them in class together next time.
my solutions
no class
Spring Break
no class
Spring Break
5-6, 8, 14, 15, 16
Intro to continuous mass distributions
Text 5-7. Try integrating your answer to 5-7 to get the $\vec g$ I derived in class.
Added graph to 3-28: please use MATLAB or Python to graph a LOT of terms of your solution and see how close it gets to a square wave. If you use Python, I'd greatly prefer a Jupyter Notebook. Google Colab hosts for free--you don't need to install anything to use it.
We discussed problems 10, 11, 12, and 8 from last worksheet (3/17)
zoom recording
3-28, 11 from worksheet last time, watch this video intro to continuous mass dist.s
Ch 2, App C, Ch 3
Exam 1
Ch 2, App C, Ch 3
my notes on review for Exam 1
several problems on white board
Ch 3
SHO and Damped Osc
Ch 3: 1, 3, 4
Ch 2
Arya 2.9 (from handout)
C-1, 2-22 my soln
Ch 2
Catch-up day: Prob 4 from 2/13 handout, C-2(a-c), 2-32, 2-26, New Problem 01 (see below calendar)
Go over all the handouts and choose any inClass problems we should still do
App C
Solving second order linear DE's
C-1, C-2(a-c), 2-22 my soln
2-6, 8, 11, 13?
Ch 2
Intro and overview
Kinematics Review
Do Problem 2-3
If you would like to read ahead, check out sections (2.1-2,4) on next date.