3+2 Engineering Dual Degree Program

Jessica Kintner, Professor and Director

This is a resource page for information about 3+2 Dual Degree Program at Saint Mary's.

Information about the Program

Saint Mary's College of California offers a dual degree, or 3+2 Engineering Program. This means that students take basic science and core curriculum courses in their first three years at SMC, and then finish their engineering degree in the remaining two years at a second school. Students in this program receive two degrees when they finish at the engineering school: a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from SMC and a Bachelor of Science in their chosen engineering field from the second school. SMC has partnered with Washington University in Saint Louis.

Agreement with Washington University of Saint Louis

If a student maintains a 3.25 GPA (overall and in their science courses) and takes the courses required (listed at Wash U and in the SMC catalog) they are guaranteed admission to Wash U. Wash U also offers a simplified transfer process. (See links to the right.)

Agreement with USC

SMC is on the short list of partner schools that have negotiated a transfer agreement into USC's 3+2 Engineering Program. Students from schools not on this list may not even apply. We have negotiated that a variety of our courses transfer to USC. There is no guaranteed admission to this program.

Suggested three-year plans

Suggested three-year plans

Please talk with an advisor in Physics to check for things like: Physics 60 is only offered in Fall semesters, Physics 181 in spring semesters, Physics 110, 115, and 125 are offered alternate years, and things like that.

J-Term at Wash U

We strongly recommend that students take a Jan Term course at Wash U during the December/January of their Sophomore and/or Junior years. They typically offer two courses you can choose from: a statics courses and a circuits course. More about the program is here.

Quick Links and Info:


Stay tuned for Fall 2022 announcements.

Jessica Kintner's Information:

  • Office: Gal 106-B
  • Office hours: by appointment
  • email: jkintner@stmarys-ca.edu

J-Term at Wash U

  • By early Nov: Turn in your completed registration form to Prof Jessica Kintner, who will pass them all on to Wash U in one group. You do NOT need the registration fee.
  • Registration form (Opens Sept 1)
  • J Term at Wash U

Transfer Deadlines and links:

Washington University in Saint Louis

  • Application process open mid Dec - Feb 28
    Please do not apply until your fall grades have been recorded.
  • Wash U application and checklist is here For Wash U, please do not use the Common Application.
  • You will also need to send an official transcript.


  • In addition to the 3+2 application below, USC requires all students to complete the Common Application and a USC Writing Supplement by: Feb 1.
    See this page for all details
  • In addition, you will need a letter of recommendation from your advisor.
Last updated 21 July, 2022