Ron Olowin at Arecibo

Olowin Physics & Astronomy Lectures

In fall of 2017, Dr. and Mrs. Louis and Jane Geissberger sought a way to honor and strengthen the legacy of Prof. Emeritus Ronald P. Olowin (1945-2017). They made a generous gift to the College which is allowing us to rejuvenate the equipment used by both introductory and upper-division students, to do outreach via astronomy nights, and to conduct the Olowin Physics & Astronomy Lecture Series. Mary Olowin was inspired by this generosity and joined in with an additional gift to provide more resources to support this effort. Ron's pedagogy, scholarship, and service are thereby all continued for the benefit of the students, faculty, staff and the community.

The Department is pleased to announce the inaugural lecture in this series:

Dr. Jessie Christiansen, Staff Scientist
NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, California Institute of Technology

“On the Road to a Billion Planets”

Abstract: The field of exoplanets has exploded in the last two decades, with an incredibly diverse set of planetary types and planetary systems emerging. I will describe our progress, with particular reference to the NASA Kepler mission and its role in pushing forward the exoplanet frontiers. Finally, I will introduce NASA’s next planet-finding mission TESS, due to launch in April. TESS represents a unique opportunity for the wider astronomy community to get involved in planet-finding, since it will find planet candidates that are bright enough to be followed up from the ground.

Date: Monday, March 12th, 2018, 2pm

Location: Galileo Hall, 201

Links to Slide Deck: PPTX original (71 MB) or converted to PDF (36 MB)

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