Jessie Christiansen Mentoring Future Astronomers

Olowin Physics & Astronomy Lecture Announcement

The Department is pleased to announce the inaugural lecture in this series:

Dr. Jessie Christiansen, Staff Scientist
NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, California Institute of Technology

“On the Road to a Billion Planets”

Abstract: The field of exoplanets has exploded in the last two decades, with an incredibly diverse set of planetary types and planetary systems emerging. I will describe our progress, with particular reference to the NASA Kepler mission and its role in pushing forward the exoplanet frontiers. Finally, I will introduce NASA’s next planet-finding mission TESS, due to launch in April. TESS represents a unique opportunity for the wider astronomy community to get involved in planet-finding, since it will find planet candidates that are bright enough to be followed up from the ground.

Date: Monday, March 12th, 2018, 2pm

Location: Galileo Hall, 201

Links to Slide Deck: PPTX original (71 MB) or converted to PDF (36 MB)

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