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Incoming Students: Apply for the Physics Scholarship. This scholarship is for Physics majors and is renewable for up to four years. Also consider applying for other merit scholarships and aid.

Current Courses
In Fall of 2017, the following courses from the catalog are offered:
Number Name Professor
PHYS 001 Introduction to Physics I Brian Hill
PHYS 002 Introduction to Physics I Laboratory Edward Boyda and Anna Karelina
PHYS 010-01,02 General Physics I Jessica Kintner
PHYS 010-03 General Physics I Brandon Eberly
PHYS 010L General Physics I Laboratory Jessica Kintner, Brandon Eberly, Scott Reckinger and Eric Wertz
PHYS 040 Revolutions in Physics Anna Karelina
PHYS 041 Revolutions in Physics Laboratory Anna Karelina
PHYS 060 Modern Physics Mari-Anne Rosario
PHYS 125 Quantum Mechanics Edward Boyda
PHYS 181 Electronics and Instrumentation Mari-Anne Rosario
Selected Recent Courses
Number, Name, Term, Professor
PHYS 102, Computational Physics, Spring 2017, Chris Ray
PHYS 105, Analytical Mechanics, Spring 2017, Mari-Anne Rosario
PHYS 140, Special Topics — Questions of Reality, Spring 2017, Edward Boyda
PHYS 181, Electronics and Instrumentation, Spring 2016, Jessica Kintner
PHYS 185, Observational Astronomy and Astrophysics, Spring 2017, Brian Hill

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