Prof. Ray at the whiteboard

Spring 2021 Courses

Number Name Professor
PHYSI-011 General Physics II Chris Ray
PHYSI-011L General Physics II Lab Chris Ray, Muhammed Gheith
Fall 2020 and Spring 2020 courses from the Physics curriculum

Fall 2021 Courses

For Fall 2021 the following courses are anticipated:

Number Name Professor
PHYSI-001 Introduction to Physics I Jessica Kintner
PHYSI-002 Introduction to Physics I Laboratory Mari-Anne Rosario
Physics 10 General Physics I Chris Ray
PHYSI-010L General Physics I Lab Staff
PHYSI-090 Introduction to Astronomy Aaron Lee
PHYSI-091 Introduction to Astronomy Lab Staff
PHYSI-060 Modern Physics Chris Ray
PHYSI-102 Computational Physics Aaron Lee
PHYSI-115 Thermal and Statistical Physics Anna Karelina
PHYSI-140 Power Electronics Chris Ray

Spring 2020 Courses

For the Spring Semester of Academic Year 2019-2020 the following courses were offered:

Number Name Professor
PHYSI-003 Introduction to Physics II Mari-Anne Rosario
PHYSI-004 Introduction to Physics II Laboratory Muhammed Gheith, Brian Hill
PHYSI-011 General Physics II Chris Ray
PHYSI-011L General Physics II Laboratory Anna Karelina, Aaron Lee, Jessica Kintner
PHYSI-090 Introduction to Astronomy Brian Hill
PHYSI-091 Astronomy Laboratory Hans de Moor, Brian Hill, Aaron Lee
PHYSI-105 Analytical Mechanics Jessica Kintner
PHYSI-115 Thermal & Statistical Physics Anna Karelina
PHYSI-181 Electronics & Instrumentation Anna Karelina
MA/CS-21 Programming I Jessica Kintner

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